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Bandits (Reverend and the Makers)

Spin for feature or I hold for fruit I need two more nudges and I'll drop the loot Sure I'll jack it almost anytime *When I Hear A voice from behind* No, no mate you wanna' hold the pears Cos I've been watching you from over by the stairs Turbocash is cool you wanna' let em spin But if the hoppers full you're guaranteed a win No, no mate why don't you understand I've got a scheme a plan I've got it all in hand I need a no-lose or an extra life And me mobile's ringing. It's mi wife Where are you Jon what time will you be home I've been trying to call just get your answerphone I've told you once, I've told you times before I can't get to sleep until you're through the door Find More lyrics at Are you listening to anything I say? We need the money, we got bills to pay Don't get drunk and make sure you're not late And don't be gambling please for goodness sake Back inside a frown adorns my face Because I see this bloke's stepped in and took me place What takes the biscuit, really tops it off Is when the jackpot lights up, he's took the lot Haha lad you see what I just did? I just dropped the bandit, only spent a quid Oh were you playing mate? I didn't realise& I'm so skint and demoralised There's always tomorrow mate