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Call Of Schizophrenia (Fear Of Domination)

I see all the faces, all the ugly faces I'd like to kill them all, but not still hurt them all I want to feel the knife inside, oh god don't hurt me now what should I do when the voices tell me to lie Time's running out, system's falling down Time has run out, systems will crash down I'M LOST IN MY ROOM CANT FIND MY WAY OUT IT'S ALL JUST THE SAME SHOULD I CRY OR SHOULD I SMILE IT'S A SCHIZOPHRENIA JUST A SCHIZOPHRENIA VOICES IN MY HEAD, CANT MAKE THEM STOP IT'S A SCHIZOPHRENIA JUST A SCHIZOPHRENIA WHO SHOULD I BELIVE INSIDE MY MIND? I am waiting for something waiting for the clarity hope strangels to survive war is our everyday life but as time passes by battle is lost, against time what the hell should I do, when the voices tell me to die Now all have been seen all is said and done to me nothing gives the satisfaction... now the knife is inside, wounds are open wide I open my head for you, so look inside So here I am here I make my final stand in this world full of lies so here I stand here where it all began now I think I understand there's nothing in here, nothing to hold near so be right here