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Mistake In Evolution (Fear Of Domination)

Talk, talk, talk, talk. Countless words yet still nothing more than curse. Is talk all you do in your life? I think I'm allergic to the lines your mouth spills. And to all the fucked up truth White sheets for the dead bullets for the living Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. Only sexual control and domination. We are animals, we are the perfect people HUMAN IS JUST AN ANIMAL, WITH ANIMAL INSTINCTS ANIMAL ACTS LIKE A HUMAN, IS LIKE A HUMAN, LIVES LIKE A MAN SO TELL ME WHO COULD BE ME I WOULD LIKE TO BE SOMEBODY WE ARE EVOLUTIONS MISTAKE Suck, suck, suck, suck. Baby I'm not done, so gimme more. I want to feel to be somebody. We are the ugly ones, the ones who bring the filth to this world. The mistake in Evolution Lick, lick, lick, lick. You should wipe your own ass. That's not my work to do. I think I'm amused of the beauty of the world. It's fragile like ice DID YOU FEEL LIKE AN ANIMAL, YOU TOOK THEIR LIVES AWAY. YOUR ACT WAS A FAKE FOR NATURES SAKE, YOU LITTLE SNAKE...