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Modify (Fear Of Domination)

Time to let them see Time to let them see what you can be So let me in... Now it's time to see what they will say Time let them eat and devour the shame All these frail limbs in my shell I want to cut loose and modify myself Too many things And so little time Too many pleasures to suck dry For the sake of truth The will see the news And they will... And they will... Tell us the truth Our life is... Just comedy... That we want to call... Tragedy... Purify! We'll cleanse your mind Modify! Time to make things right Now they will see what's really in me We created something beautiful So beautiful... It is the pain that purifies It is the pain that modifies Listen! They are screaming They are calling for you See them! They are rising They are coming for you So many victims So many burned So much pain This really hurts So you see them now They are crawling tonight As always... As always before... Look at me... Look at me...