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Fragment of the Sun (Solar Fragment)

Dawning veils the barren land another cheerless day has fallen down and will prevail until the end A haze of misery is crawling from the ground Soon the countryside in gray is drowned All fortune-tellers, they speak of an everlasting night Yet there is hope on our side Through the mist we are shining Behold the spark of deity! And by the colours of that star our light will spread afar across the lakes and the hills fear no fire, just burn! And when the clouds tear apart you will see my face will hear my voice we came to bring infernal noise Don't ask a single time what this is for Just open up your mind and look into the fragment of the sun! It has begun! Through the mist we are shining... Inside the core of the light you will find just a melody But once you've discovered the power in it you will be free Through the mist we are shining...