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Homecoming (Solar Fragment)

Standing on a sunlit deck his quest is done, his vow fulfilled Now there is nothing left to trouble his mind still he is shaking he’s getting back to where his life once was awakened grief and doubt will dissolve in the air and now I see them running down the peer towards their father for he shall never leave his loved ones ever after Hear me now, I will be there eleven years from now, I swear I’m heading home all these year’s I’ve been wrong I reached for the stars losing sight of the sun but now that the final journey’s almost done my sorrows are washed away and drowned in the bliss of my homecoming Wearing the charm from his true love (you will never be alone) bonded they are by the silver moon that shines among the stars Set the course leave yearning far behind us may God have taken care of those I left behind Oh Lord, please guide me to find them alive I’d give me soul, make any sacrifice Hear me now… I’m heading home… He is surely hasting time he ain’t wasting speaks the mother to comfort her child who dreams beyond horizon far Hear me now… I’m heading home…