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Race the Seas (Solar Fragment)

In this maze of green and white in a forest dark and wild In have been before or will I be? I lost my sense of time Three years I roamed in hell alone I felt like dying but I can’t Suddenly there is a distant voice from outside so close the book again and risk a flash of light I hace to race the seas to regain my honor to be worthy of loving you, my bride I wonder is there a place left on earth or is it gone since I’ve turned the key? Only your picture will keep me sane I can see the prints of your feet on the beach but at every spot they are leading away from me and I fear that with a splashing wave they are drawn back to the sea I have to race the seas… And then the tide will rise again but you’re out of sight So for a while I’ll rest here by the shore until my future will recur Now you are stuck under the same old star and there is no way out, believe me I have tried them all So sit down, let’s have that whiskey without jar it seems like yesterday that I’ve seen your final fate There’s a trap somewhere around better watch your step Don’t be brave just let her down You will drown and when the lightning strikes you and you die my precognitions fade and I see you in another life I have to race the seas… And then the tide will rise again…