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The Assassin (Solar Fragment)

A shadow creeping through the night breathing in silence, hardly any sound Warily avoiding light cloaked in blackness, noone is around Only the moon could see his face emotionless, determined and pale No sign, no trace A moonlit lane, so quiet and alone No sign, no trace A sudden blink: the dagger's blade is drawn On that mission I am straight They demand I'll spill blood at their feet My work is based on hate, on jealousy and greed Stand up to me and fight Forever you can't hide Your death is my concern By night I shall return There is no shade in his hood not even light in his eyes His skull-key masters the lock a dream will end with a horrible surprise I don't know the way you lived I'll never know your kin or what you did which makes me take your breathing air but honestly: I don't care! On that mission... Why should I be punished in hellfire? I'm just the bearer being hired! On that mission... At dawn you will have learned!