Questions (Spheric Universe Experience)

What is this all ? Who am I ? Who are you ? What do we live for ? Where are we going to ? Why are we here ? Why do we feel ? What do we feel ? Why does it smell so cold ? How do we know we exist ? What is existing ? Why is this road so mysterious ? What are we fighting for ? What is the point ? Why are we so small in time ? Why are we so small in space ? Should we know it ? Where is my land ? Why do I feel so far away ? What is far ? What is close ? Who can we trust ? What can we trust ? Why is autumn so deep ? Why do I fall into winter chill ? Why is spring flooding us with so much life within ? Who does my soul belong to ? Who is the one ? Why does music feed our mind and heart ? Why do these eyes kill me ? Why do we love ? Will we die without knowing ? Is the meaning of my life in your eyes ? Or is it in your heart ? What are the answers ? Is there one answer ?