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People I Live With (Shorebirds)

Kicking around downtown See the people in the passing windows And their hungry, tired faces betray They wish they had somewhere better to go You know I'm no different With my hand deep in my pockets Thinking "it don't really matter where I end up tonight" [Chorus:] Because it's kind of hard to be a saint in the city Even though this ain't no city that I live in This pavement's worn from the circles that I walk in It just feels the same It feels like nothing's changed Going from town to town Or from house to house You know I just can't seem to get it right And I just don't want to see you tonight 'Cause it's all the same buildings And it's all the same dirty streets Our little version of America Don't really mean shit to me Sometimes I feel more than the city can hold [Chorus] I can't live with the people I live with I can't work with the people I work with Some people say I just got an attitude Some people say I'm just hard to deal with I just try to survive Done some things that I'm not too proud of You know you never want to hurt the people you love Sometimes you've gotta look them in the eye and apologize