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Invocating Death (The Hat)

Place the altar, candles, red, black and white. A ritual takes place, we call upon death. Summon the forces of primeval chaos into the triangel, drawn in black and blood I commit myself - to silence and death. Hear our praise - Our song - The unspoken word. The code to open portals - to dimension death Approach the gate Mal' ak ha- mashhit, Thanatos, Grimnir. Enter our world. Turn the wheels of mankind Enter - Enter Give me thy soul - Human Your call is heard. You seek destruction of Man, and a new direction for planet earth. Give me thy soul - Human. Our call is heard Mal' ak ha- mashhit, Thanatos, Grimnir. I offer my soul. Turn the wheels of mankind. Break the chains of power - release Chaos. Death. Human. And now the signs will show in form of Acts of impulse in the circle of leaders. A man of power Will turn the coin of the plan - world peace. Now destruction. Vengence, wrath, murder. The fall of civil life. The poison breath of moral lifecodes cease to exist. In the presence of death.