877 Cash Now (King Louie)

Woke up on band ave, took a band bath I told a joke, and my band laughed Had sex with a band bitch, I'm rich and my badn rich Broke shit we can't stand it Won't smoke if we can't hear it 30's turned him to a spirit, loud pack got me dumb high Idiots spend on stupid bands, on stupid shit Don't give a fuck about a shit stupid bitch In a drop top, that's a stupid whip Standing up, get stupid chips, we stupid rich Told your baby mama just do the dish Nike shit, told you once, I could buy a hit Big guns, get a riot hit Young nigga and fat, anti diet shit With a bitch ass fat in that highlit That might be your hoe, tell the prez my phone walk Call from mordor 877 cash now, 877 cash now, 877 cash now 877 cash now, 877 cash now, 877 cash now These motherfucking bands on my motherfucking pants, bands It don't make no sense so I recall in the safe, ah Got that 30 on me cause it's gonna be too safe Vision that more up with the ace that's mase Causing robbers with the cash, me and money going fast You can catch us on a high speed chase Me I'm straight she chase, in a ... lace And the mown with lace, and her friend won't face So I told her bitch bake, go on tell me how she taste Go for these bitches harder than the taste Girls going wild, yeah I got it on tape Banana clips cause I be going ape 30 in the clip, adi on ape Love the money fast, tell them broke niggas waste Them niggas going mad like broke is a tray Niggas broke like bread, I want more syrup than steak And more foreign bitches, just to fuck all day And did I mention, I'm raekwon in the safe 877 cash now, 877 cash now, 877 cash now 877 cash now, 877 cash now, 877 cash now.