Pop Music (King Louie)

Well hoes they do drugs I do drugs with them All ym niggas gone, my hitters gonn hit em Them bitches going home I'm going home with them, Let go, bout to catch 2 bodies Cause louie gonn kill em These niggas I don't feel them They talking I don't hear them That phantom ghost just scare them That pistol's just to use them Catch em lack in that news Pop em and drop em See cause life call me capo If it's hot then we drop em Bitch on me, wanna fuck me I fuck down, now homie wanna fuck me I'm sippin 4's and smoking good weed Homie got a 30 and I trap Bout the homies serving energy Speeding and swerving They talking shit, but we see em they ... This that pop music Don't get popped to it Head is pulling up, poppin on some pop shit This that techno, let that tec blow Pop a pussy, leave em wet, on the dance floor.