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Get Smokes (P.O.S.)

Get smokes/ we aint got bodegas/ we got gas stations/ choke steady/ rock/ ready for whatever pops/ Split the surface/ like machete chops/ Better lost/ quick to toss directions/ To a trash can anyway/ slash fast getaway/ Crash whatever path/ and stop/ Whether its caskets/ or gas hits last drops/ Ill stash whatever math Ive / added in a basket and / bury it/ You let em pull the wool/ Ill pull the chariot/ faster Lungs like California raisins/ Singing some kinda blues version/ of search and destroy/ Im talking Stooges/ weathered tissue and bruises/ Iggy raw/ respect or step back/ Cute is what we aim at/ see where the flames at/ Neglect your neck/ Im on some Ichibad Crane raps/ Scared of the headless gaps in/ any audience maps/ Exactly where Ima buckle the whole frame/ Knuckles up the ruler is coming to measure/ The rudiments of your struggle by the inches/ Quit bitchin/ keep building/ Sheep sleep still/ shepherds dont peep dreams/ Reach til its real/ thoughts breach seams/ On a 59/50 clipped skull dollar bill/ Keep the uniform wrecked/ trends kill/ Necks bend still when I step/ Bend steel when I flex head/ Kneel to the next near never/ No kings ever/ nope/ Sever all that/ just rap/ Just a hair too abrasive for a nation on soft/ Dirty when the style aint/ Bringing the bomb squad density irritate/ Diggin in the crates/ full of sodium nitrate/ Burnt up my fingertips/ roofs on fire/ Fine just let me get in/ and find a warm place/ to sit/ Its fucking freezing out/ Who got a cigarette?/ Whos got an ove glove and a hard hat for me? (All I got is)/ dirt on the jeans/ ash in the cuffs/ Scuffs/ on the skate highs/ Keep em laughing at us/ trust/ Trust that I make (knives)/ that will land in your guts/ If your touch is not welcome/ Pacified pacifist seldom/ Someone took the nook/ Keep yelling on em/ No telling whatll happen if you/ Pass the fifth/ Keep your flash pasteurized/ mines like fresh outta the tit/ Ick/ schick sharp/ shards for darts/ Promise of skill/ arms up/ guard your heart/ Freal/ high crime/ low art/ Protect your neck face- satans bride/ Sparks for the underground/ ash for the waste/ Cmon/ take down/ clowns in the/ fake crowns/ Sound the/ loud siren/ get off my island/ Doomtree crew to/ consume/ the loose silence/ Fill it to the top with the live shit