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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Me On Your Front Porch (Criteria)

I know you've no concern and neither do I so let's find out where it leads us tonight don't need a reason no need to ask why two ships in the night with distress signals hoist me up high here is the deal don't hold it against me just pretend I never asked you before I must move on where will I go from here caught up and wrong the right will soon appear darling you know this man will go to sleep don't need a reason no cause for alarm pretend you can live with it believe it's a want we are identical we both want the same thing but we can't explain it to each other there is no love for the other I'm not sure where you want me to be I'm here on your front porch face pressed to your screen and in a matter of time you'll see this quite clearly that me on your front porch it's a new beginning