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Abracadabra (The Soundlovers)

This is a story called abracadabra A story about fairies and colours Magic and scents, in a secret world A world of fantasy, where all wishes come true If you feel the need to dream Just close your eyes and listen to the Soundlovers once upon a time in a secret world There was the big reign of a lovely girl She could be the queen of the universe But she always dreamed something else Walking in the wood one day suddenly She found a magic wand down among the leaves She said "Oh my God, will my wish come true?" Now I really know what to do Abracadabra magic wand I wanna be your wonder-girl Abracadabra magic wand I wanna fly to see my world And so one day something amazing happened So listen on, this is how the story continues... Once upon a time there's a wonder-girl Her wish was to fly all around the world She became the queen of the fantasy Found her love and lived happily