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In Their Eyes (Atrophy)

In their eyes of children is a world I wish could be Their definitions of this life derived so simply There's no one to hurt them and everything is fair The cruelty around them seems hidden from their stare In their eyes I see a world where every man is free In their eyes I see a better place for you and me In their eyes I see a world where no one has to die In their eyes I see a place where there's never need to lie But as they grow this vision changes with every passing year Each misconception lost with shedding of a tear A world that once seemed safe is revealed to be so cold In a world disfigured by simply growing old The simple definitions of this world you think you know Will surely start to crumble as your youthful body grows Love for you is simple, it supplies you with your needs In our world it's lethal for it bites the hand that feeds