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Process Of Elimination (Atrophy)

Our forefathers came with a vision and dream, to settle on this land They built a great nation with blood and sweat, to benefit all of man A path of destruction they did not see, they did not understand Live for the moment instead of the future, typical for all of man Overpopulation will soon take its toll The growth of mankind is simply out of control Soon no where to turn, we run short of precious land Take our complex problems and place them in our children's hands Living on a dream, a final prayer, future lies unseen Hope to make a difference in our lives, its up to you and me Destroying ourselves day by day, can we change at all Hope for the best and keep on fighting before we take a fall In the past, wars were beneficial, man's its only enemy Without this devastation we have inequality People live longer than yesterday, their offspring on the rise It's modern science, will it be answer or will it be our demise