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Slipped Through The Cracks (Atrophy)

At the age of 15 your life is defined It's measured in ounces and grams The wisdom of ages is soon pushed away For a crystal that's purchased in drams No time for book learning, the street is your school It teaches a lesson that's real You shun lit and science, that's crap for your parents The only thing real is the deal Words on a page, they're so hard to read The will to learn, it's not in your creed Why should I care, I really can't see The teaching of man, they mean nothing to me Sports is the answer that's what you've been told it's the only way you'll succeed A ball is your teacher, replaces the textbook It's the only tool that you'll need History and math are soon pushed away By the glory bestowed by a sport The classroom's forgotten, their teachings outdated You live by the rules of the court Although things aren't perfect They're trying their best The choice is left up to you Resist the temptation of the easy way out The promises made just aren't true You've made your decision have given up trying And now there is no turning back Another statistic for our failing system Another that's slipped through the cracks