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Things Change (Atrophy)

Forced to deal with decisions you never thought come true Abandoned by the ones you've trusted, no one's there for you Internal maelstrom of confusion, unsure of who you are The things you used in definition didn't take you very far The things I felt before I'm not sure if they're there Words which meant so much fall on ears which just don't care Emotions all entangled, it's time to rearrange The seasons pass, emotions die, I'm helpless as things change We often times define ourselves by our titles and our friends We place our trust in fallacies which eventually will end But just like dreams that fade away with every morning's light We're left with only memories, no tangibles in sight Now I find I'm all alone and wondering what is real Insecure of who I am, afraid of what I feel But I'm on the path to knowledge, the darkness won't last longer That which does not kill me, only makes me stronger Things change Things change Things change Things change