Butchers (Slobberbone)

Ben grew up to be the butcher not by choice, it's just the lot in life he found But he makes a decent living, feeds his family and the people of the town But there's no dreams brought to fruition, just a gradual attrition The decayed scraps of ambition he once carved by hand But there's no time for regrets, it's not as bad as it appears He's got a lucrative career but he never gets the bloodstains off his hands A killer frequents bars on Ladies' Night with a steely-eyed command But he ain't out cruising hookers and he ain't no shady looker, he's a charming, handsome man His voice says 'ladies' but his mind is thinking 'bitches' But his pitch is just too much for most of them to withstand He tells them jokes and he gets them all in stitches And it goes off without hitches 'till he tries to get the bloodstains off his hands Nothing good comes easy Isn't that what you would have me to believe For every positive endeavor there is a dark side we must weather You will see, yeah you will see All the coroners and corpsmen and the slaughterhouse foremen It's just there job five days a week, please try and understand It's their lot to get through it, they know someone's got to do it And try not to misconstrue it when they try to wash the bloodstains off their hands Now she's had seven years of happiness with a boy she's always claimed to have adored And there's fewer who've been truer but as of late she finds herself a little bored She tells him she still loves him and has only good thoughts of him And the times they've had and hopes that it'll help him understand When she runs her knife straight through him, it's the only way to do them She's the winner of the game but she'll never get the bloodstains off her hands In the end, they all fall just the same but she'll never get the bloodstains off her hands Off her hands