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Mama I Miss You (The Moments)

Talk: Harry. I know a lot of fellas, when they grow up, or ladies, Miss their mothers. I know I sure miss mine. Let me tell you about it. Mama I miss you And all the little things That you, that used to do I miss your apple pie And the way you used to sing ( you used to sing ) Goodnight to me. ( I remember ) When you'd say goodnight and sleep tight Brother and I, we used to fight all night Whenever I start to cry You sorta wash my face and say " Everything's gonna be alright " And mama I miss you ( I sure do ) And the smile you used to smile When I, when I got home from school Mama now that I'm grown and on my own I miss you so much I wish that I could be back home To hear you say " Wash you face and sleep tight " When morning comes, with you I know I'm gonna be alright So mama I miss you Mama I miss you Mama, How I miss you mama ( Mama I miss you ) Talk: I'm grown up now. And I gotta do it. On my own. You all see what I'm saying.