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God Did It (Winter Edgar)

They say God made the Earth in six days He said, it looks good so it all stays The seventh day He took a rest I'm not so sure that was for the best (but) If God did it, I can't take credit If God did it, just forget it If God did it, it's not my fault It's up to him to call a halt Adam and Eve had the garden of Eden And everything they would ever be needin' He put the fruit on the tree of knowledge To get smart now, boy, you have to go to college (awh) If God did it, to teach us a lesson If God did it, it must be a blessin' Adam slipped, and man fell So now we all can - go to Hell God looked down and saw a world of sin He said, I'll wash it clean and start again He told old Noah, it's a big pain You better get ready for a little rain (well) If God did it, I guess it was needed If God did it, his warning was heeded He said, here's the plan; so Noah, hark You're the man; go build that Ark We've got God's word; It's in the Bible If it's not all true, we can sue for libel It's totally awesome and simply devine My favorite miracle is water to wine If God did it, it must be holy If God dit it, for amusement solely I believe every word He spoke I just hope He can take a joke (Ha-hah, come on, God) I hope I don't sound like a blasphemer May God forgive me, cause He's the redeemer He sent His only Son to be our Savior But just to be sure I'm gonna watch my behavior If God did it, it's His decision If God did it, well, it's His religion I love God, and I'm a true believer But sometimes He seems like an overachiever The prophesyin' in Revelation There's no denyin', will be a sensation The war of wars to close the show With God and the Devil goin' toe to toe If God did it, it's His intention If God did it, he goes on to mention Some helpful hints and a few tips On how to survive the Apocalypse If God did it, there's no intervention If God did it, it's beyond comprehension If God did it, the way things are headin' It's startin' to look like Armegeddon I'm on my knees, and I pray Lord have mercy on judgement day I'm not worthy, and I know it's a sin So I surrender, Go-o-o-o-o-d, You win YOU WIN!