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Make You A Believer (Sass Jordan)

(Jordan / Neigher) Let me tell you all a story 'bout this time I was down and out Just goes to prove there's always a light on But if you look you'll find it's inside of you So I want y'all to listen up I Been sitting here all night Tryin' to make this thing word out right I been getting nowhere fast Suddenly as I lay down on the bed I hear a little voice inside my head It says if you want to do it girl - you got to have some faith Come over here and listen - hurry up or you'll be late Chorus : Listen to my story Listen to me well Ooh I will make you a believer If you're feeling sorry for yourself I can tell Ooh I will make you a believer Yeah - I will make you a believer So you been trying to make amends for The bloodsuckers you call friends Drag you deep into the hole Crazy - that you'd let them into your world They will take your diamonds, baby they will steal your pearls If you want to play the game You got to lose the rules You can play with passion Rules are just for fools CHORUS You got to learn to fall in love with vhat's inside Get on the horse I wanna ride I got a reason to believe the light's inside Some things I can have now Some things have to wait Some things I will never get I will always - I will always have my faith