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I will (Beatles)

C7 F Dmi Gmi Who knows how long I've loved you C7 F Dmi Ami you know I love you still F7 Bb C7 Dmi will I wait a lonely lifetime F Bb C7 F Dmi Gmi if you want me to I wil l. For if I ever saw you I didn't catch your name but it never really mattered I will always feel the same. F7 Bb Ami Dmi Love you forever and forever Gmi C7 F Fb love you with all my heart Bb Ami Dmi love you whenever we're together G7 C7 love you when we're apart. And when at last I find you your song will fill the air sing it loud so I can hear you make it easy to be near you for the things you do endear you to me you know I will, I will.