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My Boston (Big Shug)

Yeah, we got it poppin right now, Boston baby This is my town Ah ha I got some peeps with me though My man Singapore Kane, Termanology Ah ha We goin' in right now, Hold it down for Boston baby, it's our time right now, We ain't got next, we got now You feel me? Boston, it's what it is, Ah ha, yea, here we go... It's not the NBA, we don't jump in the air and bump It's around the way, where cats jump outta the car and pump Boston: where some cats, guns are props Some pop, some end up in the morgue shop From Blue Hill Ave, to Talbot Ave, to Derby Park I pushed the whips, made my money, and got my start Norfolk Park is where I drop the De la Soul Boston: outta control, death toll We got cops on foot, and bike patrol It's been the same way since I was eight years old Racism: we beat that back I seen the whole world, but I still keep comin back I love my town, not for Paul Revere But for Big Shug's legend and Murderpan Square Just on stage, as a gangster or survivor, I rep for Boston, and it gets no live-r Damn! Yo, think of Boston I think of racists, Charles Stuart cases Crooked Jakes shine flashlights in our faces Home of the Red Sox, Celtics, and the Patriots And crash dummy kids with guns ready to spray shit Every city's the same shit, no matter the size Anywhere the population is poor, then you got crimes Some dudes be doin' crimes, some dudes be doin' rhymes Salut, my dawgs in the System doin' their time What - you think 'cause we got Harvard, Boston niggas don't be robbin', mobbin' when we starvin'? Smoke blunts like red or black in the Garden, We'll see who's hard, when you're confronted by my squadron Talk on and on 'bout your million gats, but if you're pussy We'll skin you like Brazilian Wax A lotta cats die flossin', Bitches shed tears for years, 'cause you got Paul Pierce in My Boston Chyea, it's the L-A-W-T-O-W-N, Law-town, niggas done it again Let me tell you 'bout my city, It's wil' gritty, I got a hundred and fifty spics that ride with me Wanna know 'bout crooked cops livin' in Boston? Hit the block, bust a homie, cop the departed, You can learn about my Bean in Hi-D, these sirens in my dreams, It's a wild scene Mamas in the street pick up their son, like "Why me? " No ID, the boy got stuck like IVs, Throw my threes, these wild streets, can't retire me, On my beats, they all bang, like I signed with Preem {DJ Premier} Legendary like, Paul Pierce, in the wheelchair Lotta cats hatin' on me, but I'm still here From Hell-town, back to Mattapan Square, Beware! What a wonderful place to live...