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Tha 3 Shugs (Big Shug)

The three Shugs MC, ghetto nigga, P-I-M-P, ya heard? We 'bout to get it in ya Yo Shug you there my nigga? One two, one two yeah It's all good nigga, yeah, yeah "one" Whassup Duke, it's Big Shug again Here to make money, fuck makin friends Punches to the face, feel no ways Call on your team, my 9 sprays In this game, I'm pretty accurate Immaculate, leave no mess In through the back, out through the chest Fuck you nigga, fuck family stress Don't front, and I'll let you live Don't lie, and I'll let you live But your girl still swallow my kids That's just the way it is, f'real Who wish to du-el, for jew-els Step up and get that ass kicked like a mu-el I been there and done that So all you got left to do, is run that "two" I run up in the spot, cock, two glocks I yell out, gimme the ki's, or the combo P.O. back know I squeeze off I let off, I plug him in the big toe Now he tellin me the combo slow I open up the safe, a whole lot of dough I put it in the bag, quick I got to go I hear sirens so I run mad low Through the bushes to the getaway car I put the pedal to the metal, to get mad far I try to be discrete But to the kids, I'm legendary in the streets Shuggy Shug, I'ma put the guns down I got a plane ticket, so it's first class outta town My hustle remains strong Live the life of money and women, and fly rap songs "three" Watch out, for Big Shug Daddy Chicks sweat me, for the rims on my Caddy I've been pimpin chickens for years With no fears, cause I got the fly wears Like diamonds rings and fur coats and things All the riches, that the good pimpin brings I check trap, attack weak rap Player haters, stay mad at that I need a franchise chick One who dreams of mansions, not five dollar dicks If you ready to work, then I'm ready to talk Here's your chance, to start on the sidewalk Live the life, of a high-priced mobster Five pounds of shrimp, and ten pounds of lobster And a bottle of Mo', to go If anybody ask, you Shug Daddy's hoe So get in where you fit in I know you smitten, by this fly pimp shit I'm spittin So get money; no bullshittin And when you come home we'll try five new positions Whattup?