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10,000 Midnights Ago (Crescent Shield)

Looking ahead, innocence mine Before me lies the life I'll find I will never forget that first midnight I crossed awake I felt that first powerful song alive and free It was there so real and close as the stars I did see And I touched, then listened to new whispers To this day they are still calling me I saw the glory And the treasures I'll take tomorrow I wrote my own story 10, 000 midnights ago I never knew I'd change voices Never thought of the angel's disdain Deep down I know my efforts have dwindled But the dreams they still stay the same Here and now I'll take the time that is mine To reach, my tranquil, domesticity The home that I left long ago I found the answers Leaving me with more questions unknown And I long for that memory 10, 000 midnights ago The eyes I had as a child still remain in me Memories are vivid paintings I still see Rest thy head traveler man Who has seen many empty miles Your heart will find home Far away still is my grave Unknown are the years I will own The once forsaken whim, the absurd of age I'll try to deceive once again Help me, find me, heal me I'll try again Older, wiser, closer To my home I have found the answers To the questions I asked long ago Once more I'll identify The dreams of 10, 000 morrows I chose my destiny 10, 000 midnights ago And I sealed my fate to be 10, 000 midnights ago Looking behind, innocence died Lost are the days of bygone time