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Above Mere Mortals (Crescent Shield)

Honor the dead that have fallen Don't let true spirits die Unearth forgotten elders Again the warriors rise Bring forth the swords and armor Our fists will touch the sky Over the faceless masses On black steel wings we fly Rising, flying, above mere mortals Heed the call of metal warriors - ride high We rise higher than mere mortals Hear the cry of metal warriors - they fly Atop the highest mountains Across the barren land A voice that sings like thunder A song that rides the wind Lay siege to pawns of order A war that never ends Stand fast we claim our victory We are fueled by the deepest rage So much of the world unconquered Will taste the true blood made of steel Defending the faith, our mission We will die before we ever fail Our true regime, pure metal, one and for all The spirit unstained, forever will we be! Our sound unfading, ruling the sky Our seed we planted, is growing still Though heard our voices never listened (Our faith unquestioned) Loyal like blue oceans tide So rise our mighty flag (Our need never quelled) And look on... FOREVER! [Chorus]