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Await The Champion (Crescent Shield)

Chosen, equal, last two shadows Challenge, both heed the call Strength and knowledge, calm and patient Arena, both watched by all I've been here waiting for all time To find my adversary Will this be the last day that I'll see Or the first to live forever We will... FEEL the force and might Uncertain eyes await the champion One will rise above... one will fall HAIL! the victor's right Gather round to crown the champion KNEEL! the winners name Will stand tall Weapons chosen, clash with steel force Wounded, both blood does fall Careful, cunning, skill so well taught Stalemate, both will not draw I feel the power of my enemy At last my adversary This will be the last day that he sees So I will live forever They will... Such new found glory I'll fight to feel alive The reaper also awaits Even he does not know who will die Raise the fallen body from the ground Remember his name with honor Not lost but not won in the end Respect I'll feel forever Now we... KNOW the force and might Certain eyes await the champion One did rise above... one did fall HAIL! the victor's mine Gather round to crown the champion KNEEL! for my own name Will stand tall