North For The Winter (Crescent Shield)

I who hath wings, to fly to many places Can clearly hear migration's call Yet I turn away, betray the sky's arrows My choice that will let instinct fall Fall to the cold Cold, from they go to seek warmer pleasures They heed autumn's warning To south they have fled I long for the way, yet I turn around And on icy cold wings I head north for the winter Dark is the snow under chilling gray moonlight Wind strips the down from my wings Lonely and scared, as a new hunger finds me This may be the last time I sleep Hope I can dream Dream of a place my friends have all entered Warm and alive, to there I could fly Yet here I will stay, and still I do wonder My choosing, not calling is north for the winter I could turn around, leave this vast prison Empty the days I have, will be no more I stay! Oh why do I stay? Away! Please take me away! Home is my winter The day they find me is the day I won't see! Last are the days that I will remember Cold and alone, time knows when I'll die Same is the sun that pales on this winter, Also shines brightly on lands of the warm Far from my home