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Rise Of The Red Crescent Moon (Crescent Shield)

A swollen tired sun will soon die The stars will form above and below me My moon it closely follows it's light A razor thin reflection will humor And crack the Smile of the red crescent moon Solace on the crimson horizon Pride of the red crescent moon Rule within the sky of forever The city and high clouds remain blind My eyes can be the only witness Glisten to the atmospheres curse And follow the fate of the light who creates you Time of the red crescent moon The night governor has fallen Night of the red crescent moon Slips into the sea of the fallen Smile to me Sing to me And fill my soul with the beauty's end of day You fade away To reveal your name And when you rise again, You'll feel my faithful presence standing there I will be there For your moonlit night You'll see me standing there Under your borrowed light Eyes so clear Understand mysteries you bring forth on to me Light on to night Ever wonder you give to the life that you live All dressed in the sun's delight Of the tide you control is the rhythm we know When the night is cast away To the beauty's end of day...