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The Great Devoid (Crescent Shield)

The masses are following something that they can not see... but believe Such faith is respected for I also once did believe... but no more Scream you'll hear no answers Incantations give no cause Pray to only nothing No one will hear your asking thoughts You futilely share For ten thousand years there was something Man felt so divine... invented Slaves will build the temples The priests will find a rule Kneel in front of something Created to fill the great void That's always been there What causes my living, dieing How does my mind feel laughing, crying I do not know the answers of questions to deep Why must we find the answers that we'll never see Look into space and it's pure blackness that you will find... not darkness Look at the sky and you'll know it's the sun that makes light... not angels Earth's core is made of fire The clouds look heavenly Hell is not below us No one will find eternity When our time is here I must keep learning, feeling Nothing will stop my yearning, loving I understand the need to explain the unknown I can feel the truth inside that brings me to this great divide I will believe if science will provide the proof Logic is all I deploy while resting in the great devoid Holy wars we will fight Who is watching? Baptize, repent your penance To their god untold I must keep finding, seeking Nothing will stop my final ending I only feel the power from my inner mind I now know the truth I'll hide that keeps you on the other side Always believe, I'll never try to poison you Logic is all I deploy while resting in the great devoid The great devoid...