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The Passing (Crescent Shield)

Come forth the barely learned My child filled with fear Your time has come for passing For fair rules not found here Blessed the tears of fallen The rain of sorrows past Destroyed by kin of papal Your truth will rise too fast Fair fallen, have no fear Hold back thy tears of pure What you see, what you hear Understand is nevermore Lost child, lost kindred Pay no heed to "Inferi" Soon will be your crossing Years ago is when you died PAIN you feel is not discomfort To tortured you could have had My eyes of tearful solace Dried from the time when time began Hold you will to the earthly pleasures And friends of long gone past Look one more time from the life you came For it will be your last One moment, one memory Turns to dust before your eyes Take my hand, one with me For this is the last time you shall be So alone Where is it you all come from Eternally I'll never know Yet still I grant thee passing Concede from your life and I'll let you go Death is your last memory Transition to a sphere of life Maybe one day we'll meet Again if life has made you feel Too alone Now let go Pass and see Now rest in peace Forever! One kindness, Your memory And a trace of life you left behind Many more, souls I'll see I'll remain until the end of time All alone One moment one memory Forever alone in an unearthly plane ( A child's guide too unseen) My kindness, your memory Forever lost inside your eyes... Still unknown...