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Under Cover Of Shadows (Crescent Shield)

Those who cast a blanket Of perpetual dusk Those purveyors of vile, black mystery Those cults of the arcane Speakers of murky tropes And those who wear a mantle of threadbare illumination... Be gone! Draw your weapons, bare your claws The conjured beast is nigh The violent cleaving of the ground Is not a trick of light Strike forth, lash out the song of war Dark spirit hounds can kill Scuttle and run or hide again And on they follow still On and on Under cover of shadows To lie still is to wither and rot Paralyzed eyes (of silent lies) On fear they do feed And murder with calm folded hands Unloose the fire in your lungs Spit venom, seethe and fume Scatter the bones of the incubus Cut like whetted stone Fight on, fight on with axes drawn Pound thunder from the drums Rive the misty flesh of imps Tear out their prattling tongues... Ride on! Under cover of shadows Silence will fester and hollow Spellbinding fire and smoke in our eyes On relic charms they must feed us lies The blanket of dusk has fallen And black mystery still rising And again recite their creeds There are no truths that cannot bear falsity There are no things never known No secret doctrines There are no words that are never to be touched They'll tell you that the sun's disappeared And night stains eternal (Don't ever close your eyes, don't ever turn your back) Gray fades to black (Blackness is light) The dark sky descends to blot out the shadows The ones you hold so dear... fallen Like the very last tear Remember the night before Bind the cloak and hide under cover of shadows Under the cover of shadows To lie still, to wither and rot Paralyzed eyes We secretly hide On relic charms they will feed us lies Lift the cover of shadows!