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Heroes (Terranova)

Grammar of life The past is imperfect The present is temped The future is maligned And immortality lasts forever Welcome to the new shit Fuck the world saved by the hip hop Fuck the whole anti cop Now it's all like the world is all headshot Like cumspots on video tapes and internet downloads How you're gonna unfold you gotta 8-year-old kid in the office with gun loaded Like he in a classroom an all the students are ducking What the fuck is this world coming to check this up then You know it better than I we both been here trying keep out thighs from rubbing Together cause we got too much fat in them Fellow American how are we gonna get trough this shit without dying from non starvation I'm like ? you think it's funny call you big dummy Trying to get up in this shit and follow trough You like busted your load with only two minutes to do it Yeah what do you think that this is the right way You got the organization now you left the rest of us out to play with no ball And no fucking endzone there's nothing left to do but to keep protesting on Our microphones Yeah thanks a lot you left us a lot of choices Like having no lips and no tongue but still voiceless Ain't no more heroes only refugees. Ain't no more refugees only heroes. Ain't no more heroes only refugees. Ain't no more refugees only heroes. Heroes scramble for grub out of food trucks Heroes are the ones who gives the fuck when the night comes and they don't wake up Heroes learn to catch and take scrap metal from bombs and make a wah-wah pedal and make it play long note to make that shit sound right Heroes catch and take particle blasts turn that shit into a goddamn pedal bite and make that last