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Hush (Terranova)

No one to view I open to the center of command The spinning thing That wants to win Here by me a silent sea Waiting to be called To another lake The winner takes it all The foolish other ones Never to be seen And I wonder why we go to such extremes We watch and wait, hesitate I don't blame you at all But talk to me Love me Break this all There is no greater gift That moods passed my lips The fountain of life drinks me And I drink it Maybe this are old beginnings But not their ends The proof of their never ending Which is always waiting to continue With the strenght that knows not it's strenght No it's testing the limits to extreme This is a gift for you This is a gift to you So we continue to create the stage Pages that freedom and thanks Turn the way to proof we try not to see (I'm feeling safe in the arms of destiny) Low demands are penetrade Cutting through to the core of their faith Deeper with every kiss The pulse of the earth The beat of their heart Grounding foundaition transforming We move to the center slowly right in Above the rivers we flow with the tide We crashed with the waves Embracing beginnings and fall back into place Adopting the ways of others No... another Being... Won't you enjoy And accepted it for what it is So be here