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X - Files (Terranova)

Well let's open the fouls on the styles unknown to full blown Brothers that front can get their head blown from the back The turntable terranova hook the track We came to drop the rhymes ill with no slack Came to get loose reduce that tight noose on the neck Give me my respect Learnin' the raz can leave the track burnin' A thousand dead guys my rhymes is still earnin' Still the main course of cor-shall rhymes it's the side dish Couldn't hide this Rhymes is suspect indorse that fat check But don't forget the o's these off the hook flows That did 'em, my rhymes just jumped up and bit 'em We twisted up their wig, no jig and still split 'em So pull it the razztic whip like hot bullets Right between the spleen and rip your whole team Up from no where no flash with no flare Kept my eye sights on those that didn't care Repair your kit or get your ass split And tighten up them tracks, not feelin' it one bit Oh shit Brothers is comin' from all sides Grabbin' coat tails not givin' no free rides Work to damn hard still leavin' the mic scarred all Battered and bruised 1 2 you still lose Refuse not havin that negative feedback some claim They champs but couldn't concede that 'cause we sport the crown, and all set the clown You came with high hopes but left with heads down Tail between legs I rips for real heads Bringin fromthe chest, my moms the real spread Beats to be be need be in frisbee My triple threat vets that rush your whole set The x files The x files The check it The check it The x files The x files The check it The check it To no man's surprise you are only small fries Take out the bodies soon after the head d