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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Sky Burning (Atari Terror)

baby´s crying in the small house sunset colours are disappearing sky is burning, dream´s dissolving little man´s arm shows a new future... blind, deaf and dumb help me! ...screaming many points are crossing my view they are making too many clouds for such a sunny day people´s crying behind barbwires redblack cross is full of a power sky is burning, one man´s falling everything is lost in flashlight reich opened arms deep pain...everywhere dark laugh is cutting through the hope dreaming´s a luxury i must follow my endless hate i´m the ghost and i can break your locks and see my life again dead empire collapsed in its own fearfulness... blooming bodies, blooming buildings their leafs are everywhere... and red power´s rising from the ashes ... ...temporary smile trust us, we are the faith... what you find! we´ll build the new world! arbeit macht frei! there is no way back! hey you, you fought on the other side! with a pickaxe i kill the last piece of me i can´t believe what kind of shit you are?! my red brothers, you can watch my steps but you can´t kill my unbreakable hope!