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Live Like Kings (Mouthwash)

I watch the skyline change Over seamless days From a topdeck view From the barricades Where all the rudeboys and crooks All wear their meanest looks Keeping the money making strictly off the books [Chorus] I watch the kids move in on the underground With a taste of danger and the realest sound I watch the yuppies buy in and try to capitalize On the pains and joy of a furtive mind Tell me what to do today Working nine to five I cannot live like that Because it seems like this city's geared to breed workers Just to keep it alive We get high We get low We confess what we know After all it won't be long till we forget about it all Amongst this urban debris We learn to live like kings And what else can we do You're lucky if you got someone that cares for you And don't try to fit in just assume that you do Lets get the full picture Your point of view [Chorus] This is the sound of a thousend dreams Impossible to over reach Not because we don't ry but because we aren't seen And we don't know the meaning of prosperity