My Kind Of Love (Mouthwash)

I crept away from the world to find a quiet place to hide A place where I could contemplate, oh yeah A place where I could clear my mind And then one day some girl walked by and she called from the side of the road She said she'd seen a short cut She said she'd seen the pot of gold Too many faces I can't trust Could it be that your the one And then she said to me I'll only take you half the way The other half is up to you And then she turned and walked away So what else could i do She was my kind of love Girl I need your shining eyes to brighten up my day And I need your words of praise to guide me on my way Did you know i'm so willing to play along with your game Cause you're the only one who makes me feel the heat in the pouring rain There's one thing that you should know There's no way I'll ever let her go Because I don't know nothing better than to kiss her lips