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No Fear (Mouthwash)

In the summertime as the cool wind blows I first saw you pass me down the bottom of my road Knew you were the kinda girl that could go and break my heart But we'll never know the end unless we jump in for the start. But this I know I swear down that I'm in it for the long haul I'll always be there no matter what time you call All I know is that I've felt this for a long time And you know me, I'm too stubborn to change my mind But people change heart with change of the seasons If you leave then I know you've got your reasons Girl you know I love having you here You came into my life and made me change gear As long as you're around me I've got no fear As long as you're around me I've got no fear Somewhere in this city there's a place where you and I Can spend all our time together just living our own lives I don't ask for much 'cause I'm easily pleased Just a few rooms and then enough so we can eat And this I swear In the past I know I've given you some hard times I was a fool, I didn't even know my own mind You were lost and I never even saw the signs But how about this is where we draw the lone I still know when I'm on to a good thing I still believe that there's hope of happy endings If it ain't broke then it doesn't need mending Darlin', say what you're gonna say I won't turn and I won't walk away No way