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The Sound (Mouthwash)

For a long time I've had this on my mind Not willing to change my life for your approval But I'll take pride And I'm aware of changing tides And time we all know Will wait for no one I said I ain't gonna pay my money To hear the same old sound Not after all these years With my ear to the ground I would have thought you got the picture From the first time around I said I ain't gonna pay my money To hear the same old sound This is the sound Of the people living in the moment Listen up, listen up Just look around This is life right here as I know it Listen up, listen up Now The feeling's growing by the hour And you can try to talk us down But truth fears no trial In life This happens all the time Just when you think you know where you are They move the road signs I said I ain't gonna be no fool For some government plans And stop thinking for myself And put my life in their hands While they're living off the blood Of the honest man And I ain't waiting till I'm dead To see no promised land And how ready are you to leave to past behind? How ready are you? It's in the back of your mind