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Beautiful And Blind (Junior Doctor)

When the daylight fades, I only see the dark She lies awake and counts the stars When summer goes away, I only feel the cold She looks for somebody to hold She picks me up when I am breaking Always finds me when I am lost Her heart is built to take it My heart is complicated She thinks love is an easy thing to find My heart has seen it all and Her heart is beautiful and blind When it falls apart I feel like it's the end She finds a way to start again And after all the scars, when I feel so alone She shows me how to let it go She holds me down when I am shaking Won't give up when I'm giving in To the way love makes a person beat down, weak And so imperfect, she finds love in a place that I can't feel She feels hope when it starts to fade away Much too brave, and unafraid to fall And she's so beautiful Beautiful and blind And I think she's changing my mind...