Falling To Pieces (Junior Doctor)

It feels like they're coming at me, from all sides It feels like I've got nowhere to run, nowhere to hide It feels like I'm never good enough It feels like I'm always just trying Sometimes I feel like I should give up And sometimes I feel like I'm dying I'm falling to pieces but nobody knows I'm falling to pieces but won't let it show I'm hanging from Parasails that are wearing out I'm crashing down as my dreams fade out I've been falling to pieces for what feels like forever Can somebody put me back together? I'm tracing my steps back to before I fell apart Always knew times would get tough, never thought they'd get this hard Sometimes I feel like giving up But sometimes I'm still holding on To late nights in the car Staring at the stars with passion in our hearts, but it's gone Inside of a perfect storm That's left me with my sails all torn Refusing any chance to bail All my lines are frayed and frail I'm hanging from Parasails