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Impressive (Junior Doctor)

I've been hearing things, and I'd like to let you know That typically I'd hear them and then just let them go But at the frequency I hear, it's clear to me you need a hand So go ahead, blame me, cause unlike you I can take it like a man So go ahead and tell them all, stick with what you know Because all you do is talk, and you put on such a show So go ahead and tell them all about how you are the reason That we're anything at all. We're glad you know you're so impressive In my defense I've done my best to try to clear the air Called and stopped by, but conveniently you're never there So if you wanna hide that's fine, but know that you have made this mess And every minute that goes by just makes me care even less So take a shot and drink your beer, then light a cigarette Mix in some prescription pills, soon you'll just forget That one by one you've lost all the respect of friends you had So bottoms up, cause here's to you and stabbing good friends in the back