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America's Most Blunted (Madvillain)

Quas When he really hits star-mode Never will he boost loose Phillies with the barcode Or take a whole car load on a wasted trip Or split White Owls laced tip to tip with yip Some rather baggies, others like their crack in vials Roll a bag of shwag in a black and mild He twist Optimos, just the raw leaf part The list top go bust before a beef start At the Stop-N-Go mart acting like a spirit host done it America's most blunted DOOM nominated for the best rolled L's And they wonder how he dealt with stress so well Wild guess - you could say he stayed sedated Some say booted, some say faded Some day pray that he will grow a farm barn full Recent research shows it not so darn harmful Sometimes you might need to detox It can help you with your rhyme flow And your beat box Off spikes for your surprise Turn a Newport Light to a joint right before your eyes Tear a page out the Good Book Hear it how you want it America's most blunted DOOM The Mad Villain killin' mad boom Consume weed and drink brew 'til we perfume the room The beat conductor smoke 24-7 Shadey! You can even ask my reverend Willy knows How the Phillies roll, really 'doh I'll spend my last dough If you got the sticky gold? I spark da la But don't fuck with speed or trees with seeds Quasimoto crew, we get keyed The most blunted on the map The one astro black on an alley with a hood rat When you try to react Even your pops got smack Even your moms got crack Meanwhile While my bowl got packed Gulp! Drop X so you could have good sex I smoke dank so I can grow me a shank! I got the fat sack Shhh All day I'm on it America's most blunted