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Curls (Madvillain)

Villain get the money like curls They just trying to get a nut like squirrels, in his mad world Land of milk and honey with the swirls Where reckless naked girls get necklaces and pearls Compliments of the town jeweler Left back now schooler, trying to sound cooler On the microphone known as the crown ruler Never lied to ma when we said we found the moolah Five-hundred something dollars laying, right there in the street Huh, now let's try and get something to eat Then he turned four and started flowing to the poor That's about when he first started going raw Kept the 'dro in the drawer A rhyming klepto who couldn't go up in the store no more His life is like a folklore legend Why are you so stiff? You need to smoke more brethren Instead of trying to riff with the broke war veteran Spliff made him swore he saw Heaven, he was seven Yup, you know it, growing up too fast Showing up to class with Mo't in a flask He ask the teacher if he leave will he pass His girl is home alone he trying to get the If you want to sip get a paper water fountain glass How I'm 'posed to know where your mouth been last? Hands so fast he can out-spin the Flash Known to smoke a whole mountain of hash, to the ash Boom-bash, leave the room with the stash Assume it's in a smash, Doom get the cash