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Figaro (madlib's Stones Throw 101 Remix) (Madvillain)

The rest is empty with no brain but the clever nerd The best emcee with no chain ya ever heard Take it from the Tec-9 holder They bit and don't know the next sign from Shyanola Everything that coulda ain't this scale Let me think, don't let a faint get Ishmael A shot of Jack got her back it's not an act stack Forgot about the cackalack, holla back, clack clack blocka Villainy, feel him in ya heart chakra chart toppa Star shit stoppa be a smart shoppa Shot a cop day around the way 'bout to stay But who'd a know there's two mo' that wonder where the shooter go 'Bout to jet, get him, not a bet, dead 'em Let 'em spit venom said 'em got a lot of shit with 'em Let the rhythm hit 'em, it's stronger in the other voice We make the joints that make 'em spread 'em butta moist Man, please, the stage is made of panties From the age of baby hooches on to the grannies Ban me the dough rake, daddy The flow make her fatty shake, patty cake, patty cake For fake, if he was Anita Baker's man He'd take her for her masters, hit it once an' shake her hand On some ol' thank ya ma'am an' ghost her She could mind the toaster if she sign the poster A whole host of roller coaster riders Not enough tracks, hot enuff black It's too hot to handle, you got blue sandals Who shot ya? Who got you new spots to vandal? Do not stand still, both show skills Close but no crills, toast for po' ills, post no bills Coast to coast Joe Shmoes flows ill, go chill Not supposed to overdose, no doz pills Off sides like how work rides with Starfleet Off pride like now talk wide though scar meat Told ya, on some get rich shit As he get older he gets colder than a witches tit This is it, make no mistakes, where my nigga go? Figaro, Figaro