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Money Folder (Madvillain)

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone After you who's last, it's Doom, he's the worst known That'll have your boom blown or even thirst bone Rock it to a worst clone just don't curse the throne On his own microphone bring it everywhere he go So he can bring it to you live in stereo Pan it, can't understand it, ban it The underhanded ranted, planned it and left him stranded The best, any who profess will be remanded Yes sir, request permission to be candid, granted I don't think we can handle a style so rancid They flipped it like matted, did the old jazz standard Don't mind me, I wrote this rhyme lightly Off a two or three Heines and boy was they fine gee One Black, one Spanish, one Chiney It keeps the woody shiny year round like a pine tree Don't sign me I'm about to get a mil without 'em Grab him off the shelf, he's the villain and what about him? So and he's a jerk and you don't know him Mad how he expand work but won't show 'em Poor guys, what a cypha moreso four eyes Now hook me with two apple pies and a small fries All rise, so far art as a Rupple So raw break it down and make quadruple It's crucial, you could see it in his pupil And this time when he get it he'll waste it on somethin' useful Like getting juiced off a deuce, deuce of cokey Keep it low key, known to pull a okey dokey Silly Goose, Doom is too jokey Damn, he could really use a room or a whole key Egads, he got enough styles to start three fads True dat, she gotta wonder do she come with kneepads What a call, what a real butterball? Either I get a strike or strike out, gutterball Rock it like yeah, for the four With knives inside pockets, prepare for the brawl Yeah, y'all you could say, it's an earful Beware, do not touch mic, be careful And just like he said, I coulda told ya MF, the holder of a boulder, money folder It's ain't funny nigga Money folder {The muscle bound karate expert Concealed a razor edge Which could lop the head off Of a marble statue once propelled} {With notorious world takeover schemes And the most magnificent gadgets imaginable Villains rapidly grew healthy cash flow It is explained by a more comedic villain} {The bald headed, Doom This villain rose to incredible new heights Of money-making, revenge and extortion Such was the magnitude of the typical villain This is no answer, very well then, a duel to the death}